W O R K P L A C E   D E S I G N

we create inspirational work spaces

When finding suitable office space, you’ll want to make the most of the space available.

We can help transform a blank canvas into a modern, contemporary, and comfortable working environment that reflects your brand and supports your company culture while driving productivity within your business. Whether refurbishing or relocating, no matter the size of your workplace, our teams help you create an environment that works best for your business.

what is a fit-out?

An office fit out is the end-to-end process of making an internal space suitable for what its occupants or owners need it to do. It's the development of an empty shell into a working space, from installing essential facilities like lavatories to raising the flooring, and installing collaborative breakout areas, meeting rooms and workstations.

cat a fit-out

Cat A fit out is the basic finishing of an interior space that provides, suspended grid ceilings, lighting, heating, and raised flooring. This provides landlords with a space that functions for lease, leaving it up to the tenants to decide how the space should function and what finishes are needed to suit their workplace, providing a Cat B fit out.

Typically, a Cat A fit out includes:
- Raised floors and suspended ceilings.
- Basic mechanical and electrical services.
- Fire detection and protection services.
- Internal surface finishes.
- Blinds.


cat b fit-out

This is when the space is brought to life and incorporates everything that makes the space functional. Cat B fit out allows the opportunity to have a unique space tailored to the company -including branding.

 Typically, a Cat B fit out includes:
- Partitioning.
- Finishes and branding.
- Carpeting.
- Meeting rooms, conference rooms and break out rooms.
- Reception area.
- Lighting.
- Kitchen facilities.
- IT and audiovisual equipment.
- Office furniture.


Creating and maintaining the right atmosphere is an essential factor of office design. Creating a positive environment helps motivate and retain engagement in your team.